Definition of Communication

Communication is a process between a giver and a receiver in order to create shared meaning. When trying to understand a new concept or idea, an exchange has to occur. The giver has to modify their technique in which they explain, in order to best accommodate the receiver. The receiver must actively listen in order to understand, by providing the giver with the best cues possible so that they are able to achieve a mutual understanding. 

Statement of Assessment

When I first came to Pittsburg State University in the fall of 2010, I was a biology major. This, I found out quickly, was not for me. Within two months, I had switched to English with an emphasis in creative writing. During my second semester, I took introduction to English Studies, which is similar to COMM 199. Through that class, I chose my minor in communication, but when I was looking at all of the courses, I wanted to take them all. I met with Dr. Arbuckle to discuss what classes I should take for a minor in communication. I told him my problem with deciding which courses to take. This is when freshman Ali found out that you can have more than one major. Since then I have added and dropped other majors – but always held onto my communication major.

Choosing to add communication as a major was one of the best decisions I made while in college. I have a wide range of interests and communication relates to all of them. Whatever your interests are, communication classes like small group communication, intercultural communication, and organizational communication, as well as others, will help you in your field. I was able to apply what I learned in communication courses to my studies in other areas, student organizations, work, and in my day-to-day life. Communication theories can be applied to my interests in international relations, social media, and relationships. It broadens my understanding of topics in a variety of areas.

Because the communication degree has seven emphasis areas, I was able to expand on my interests and take courses to enhance my marketability. Although my emphasis is in public relations, I have also taken courses in the emphasis of broadcasting and theatre and even worked in news at the Collegio and Kanza Yearbook. Understanding the whole scope of communication and how it applies to different areas of work makes me a more competent and well-rounded individual.