What If the Rain Washes Me Away

The clouds roll
The wind blows
Lightning strikes
The ground below
And then the rain falls
Tickling my nose
Stealing my breath away
Sweeping my hair
Goosebumps cover my arms
I wonder if I dare
My whole body’s shivering
From my head to my toes
I raise my head up to the sky
Even though my mind says “no”
The rain hits my cheeks
My heart skips a beat
And I ask the question
What if the rain washes me away?
Leaving none of my remains
I know I’m supposed to have faith
But even Peter took a dip in the waves
People might call me a doubting Thomas
But even though it might sound silly
I still ask the question
What if the rain washes me away?
I stepped out in faith
Didn’t think twice about it
But now I am afraid
Reaching my hands to the sky
Trying to find my faith
What if Jesus was beside me now?
Would he be ashamed and cast me out?
But now I think
Jesus wouldn’t let the rain wash me away
Even though I did doubt
He’d grab my hand and pull me out
And I’d wonder why I ever had a doubt
And why I asked the question ‘What if the rain washes me away?’
Because Jesus will never turn his back on me
Even though I turned my back on him I have so little faith
Yet He loves me
But why would he waste his time
On a wretch like me?
His love is so unimaginable Just wait and see
Cause you will see it too Just like me
Before the rain washes you away