The Twins

The taste of cranberry juice was on my lips
as we ran down the carpeted stairs.   
My brothers smiled and giggled,  
urging my mom to turn on the T.V.  
Buzz Lightyear would be on soon.
My brothers’ happy matching faces  
snuggled with me on the faded yellow love seat,  
and I sat between the twins.
My mom’s face dropped,
as she stared at the screen.
The towering twins,  
fiery and smoking,
stood tall, but shaking.
My face flushed,   
and I gagged on the cranberry aftertaste.
Unaware, my brothers begged to change the channel.
Looking to my mom for hope,
I saw her gasp and gawk,
brow furrowed, lips pursed,
and I held tight to the twins.