Gorillas In Your Midst

Gorillas in Your Midst is a Peer Health Education group interested in reaching our peers concerning various social issues through interactive skits, performances and presentations in order to help them make healthier, more informed decisions. 

We have produced a variety of programming on such topics as: Drug and Alcohol Abuse Rape, Acquaintance/Date Rape, and Sexual Assault Sexually Transmitted Diseases and HIV/AIDS Eating Disorders Contraception and Unexpected Pregnancy Suicide Depression Stress Management These programs are provided to PSU student groups and local schools to help them become better informed to make healthier decision in their own lives and to assist in the lives of others around them. 

It is our belief that peer education is an effective instrument in which one may deliver information to a target audience, since the messenger is more like them in lifestyle and circumstances. In other words, you are more likely to listen to someone you identify with than someone who is going to lecture you. 

Our programs are highly versatile and adaptive, giving us the opportunity to cater our message to our target audience. We use a variety of formats to accomplish this, including skits, individual vignettes, games, guided discussions, informal presentations, songs, and dramatizations. Most of our programs can be done in one hour, and consists of a warm-up activity, a brief introduction, the performance itself, a question and answer time, de-rolling, and closure. 

I was trained to be a peer health educator by JT Knoll in the Spring of 2012 and became a member in the fall. I have been an active member participating in programming such as Gorilla Warmup, Alcohol Awareness Week, HIV/AIDS Awareness Week, Healthy Relationship Week, Safe Spring Break Week, and Love Your Body Month. 

In the fall of 2014 I was hired as the Social Media Manager for Gorillas in Your Midst's Instagram and YouTube. I create content in writing and photos for Instagram and film videos for our Youtube. I created a series of videos highlighting students on campus who "Do The Gorilla Thing" which means "do the right thing".