Students for Violence Prevention

About SVP: 

Students for Violence Prevention (SVP) works to raise awareness on campus about issues such as: dating violence, domestic violence, sexual assault, stalking, and bystander behaviors. We provide presentations, skits, and programming to students to further educate them in these issues and hold awareness events on campus. We have presented to ROTC, sororities, fraternities, freshman experience classes, and other student organizations. We have also held presentations/skits for the Pittsburg Middle School students.

My Role: 

I was trained by PSU Campus Victims Advocate Brooke Powell in the Spring of 2012 training class and have been an involved member ever since. The next year I began managing and creating content for our social media channels which were Twitter and Facebook at the time. I later started our Instagram and Pinterest and began managing and creating content for those as well as creating strategy plans for awareness months like Domestic Violence Awareness Month, Stalking Awareness Month, and Sexual Assault Awareness Month. 

In the fall of 2014 I was hired as the Student Coordinator for Students for Violence Prevention. In this position, I work with Brooke Powell as a team to coordinate the students and our events and programming. My duties are the following: 

- Assist in the development, design, and distribution of educational materials and campaigns

- Assist in the recruitment of new members and in the retention of current members

- Contribute to the creative process to develop new programs, services, and modes of delivery, and update current programs and services as needed

- Work in cooperation with other PSU registered organizations to provide more complete programs and services to the campus and community

- Establish contact with various area schools, groups, and community agencies who may desire our services. Also contacting local media sources to advertise for upcoming events 

- Maintain contact with all members through email, phone, text, and newsletter, pertaining to training opportunities, upcoming programs, and fund-raisers

- Seek out new programs and professional development opportunities to further enhance our current programs and to improve the group as a whole

- Prepare advertisements for TV, radio, and newspapers concerning programs and special theme weeks, as well as fliers and posters for the campus

- Help organize and prepare programs for Domestic Violence Awareness Month, Sexual Assault Awareness Month, & Stalking Awareness Month

- Update media sites as needed for coordinating events