March Stitch Fix
By Ali Smith on March 12, 2015

My March Stitch Fix is here! And just in time for spring!

My March stitch fix arrived this week, just in time for Spring weather! This whole week has been in the 60's and has gotten up to 70 degrees some days. I'm so ready for it! Not to mention, spring break is next week as well. This girl is ready for a break! What is a better way to celebrate the beginning of spring than with a beautiful subscription box full of spring clothing? 

This time I requested Lora as my stylist. Lora was my stylist for my first stitch fix. I'm so glad I found out you could request stylists. I feel like with a little tweaking, soon I will receive my perfect fix. Maybe that will be next month? Here is what I received...

41Hawthorn Noah Textured Dress

41 Hawthorne Noah Textured Dress

The fact that this dress was called a "spring" dress by my stylist made me laugh after I picked it up. It is the heaviest spring dress I've ever held. I guess that makes it an extremely sturdy and strong spring dress. It seemed like it was missing something, so I added the black belt. I debated keeping this dress. It is super flowy and comfortable - but I just didn't love the design. 

Fun2Fun Aveno Halter Blouse
Fun2Fun Halter Blouse

Now when you first look at me in this halter top, it looks great on me, but there are many, many things wrong with this. Am I just picky? It is extremely tight in the chest area. I could barely fit. And yet, there's a million miles of room in the stomach area! Did Stitch Fix accidentally send me their new maternity wear? Otherwise, the blouse is super cute. If I needed to carry three basketballs around secretly, this would be the shirt I would wear. But alas, that doesn't happen often, so I sent this one back. 
aveno halter blouse

Pixley Hanneli Polka Dot Swing SkirtImage title

This skirt! So cute! It's flowy and fun and it has polka dots! Do I need to say more? I kept the skirt. 

Loveappella Canon Button Detail Striped Knit Top Image title

This knit top was pretty comfy. It had cute buttons. It was striped. Nothing too special. I'm not a huge fan of stripes across my chest. They do not flatter me. Since I did not love it, I sent it back. I did have fun modeling in it though with my phone camera on a timer. 

Image title

Romolo Preston Carved Crescent Bib NecklaceNecklace

You may notice, I also wore this necklace with several of the other outfits as well, but here is a close up. It actually reminded me of a necklace I used to have. But again, did not love it. I think I would also be paranoid if I wore it because it kept twisting around and the three half circles were not even. 

Cost Breakdown: 

Silver Romolo Preston Carved Crescent Bib Necklace: $28.00

Grey Loveappella Canon Button Detail Striped Knit Top: $48.00

Navy Pixley Hanneli Polka Dot Swing Skirt: $54.00

Burgundy Fun2Fun Aveno Halter Blouse: $38.00

White 41Hawthorn Noah Textured Dress: $68.00

Merchandise Total: $236.00

Styling Fee Credit: - $20.00

Buy 5 Discount: - $54.00

Total: $162.00 (If I bought all 5 items) 

My total: $54.00 - $20.00 = $34.00

Have you ordered Stitch Fix subscription boxes before? Go to my blog on my first fix to learn about the process. 

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