Hair Styling Tool Holder DIY
By Ali Smith on February 20, 2015

You've probably seen this DIY project a million times on Pinterest and other sites. You can have your own hair styling tool holder made out of PVC pipe! I know I saw this a long long time ago and it took me years to do it. If you have ever thought about doing this in the past, do it now! It's seriously the easiest DIY project you could start with. If you want a fun and easy project, this is it. 

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All you need is some PVC pipe like this. You can get it from Home Depot or Lowes. All you need is that one piece! That's it. Then you spray paint it with whatever color your heart desires. You could event paint works of art (I'm not that artistic). And then you have yourself a lovely hair styling tool holder. I would check the size of your hair dryer, curling iron, flat iron, or whatever hair styling tool you plan on storing in your holder. There are a couple sizes of PVC pipe you can choose from. 

I have seen people drill this to their wall or cabinet door - I cannot do this because we live in a rental - but these are options if you are able. It works just as well if you set it on the counter. I thought this would be a problem with balance - but it's actually not. 

Make your own hair styling holder today! Post your works of art in the comments! 

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